From Essential to a Fashion Essential

From Essential to a Fashion Essential


Tecknomask Evo made in Italy with neoprene, real carbon fiber and titanium nose regulator. 


Face masks are now an essential part of our lives, a symbol of the potential change in the entire fashion industry.From our neckties to pocket squares, we strive to provide our customers with products that entail the pure essence of international luxury and variety. As a brand we knew that the masks we wore, and wanted to provide our customers, had to be both functional, as well as cater to our brand philosophy of timeless design.


This led us to question: how can we adapt to our new lifestyle changes, without compromising design, and also reduce our environmental footprint? This required a sense of ingenuity, and futuristic thinking. Which is why we felt drawn to implement the Tecknomonoster face mask series as our must-have mask.


The Tecknomask is produced from light weight neoprene with a signature 6-needle central stitching.Neoprene is an ideal material for our humid environment, washable, and with cooling properties.Tecknomasks are intended to fit comfortably throughout long hours of wear. They are currently available in two designs, Tecknomask, as well as Tecknomask Evo which has incorporated filters.


To secure the bridge of the nose, an aerospace-grade titanium piece has been placed between the neoprene and vibrantly coloured Italian leather. They’re available in a variety of colours, to let you switch it up throughout the week.The face mask isn’t simply essential. To us, it’s the latest fashion statement of 2020. Before you leave your home, it’s evolved into - “Tecknomask, hand sanitiser, keys, phone, wallet check!” ✔️


It’s the first thing you make sure to have before you leave your home, and the first to be properly removed and disinfected. To remove your mask, without touching the front, wash your Tecknomask with mild soap and air dry.


Pay a visit to our Takashimaya outlet, and let our staff advise you further on the journey of this intricately designed mask by Italian designer and founder Giacomo Valentini.


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