How To Fold A Pocket Square 4 Different Ways

How To Fold A Pocket Square 4 Different Ways

How To Fold a Pocket Square 4 Different Ways

A pocket square not only adds elegance and sophistication to your attire, but it also personality and a distinct style. It's the ideal way to add a burst of colour to your jacket, or to top off your outfit with a flourish. Here are five of our favourite pocket square folds. 

The Square Fold 

The square fold is the most classic pocket square fold: crisp, clean, and elegant. It appears as a single horizontal band of fabric parallel to the top of the breast pocket when done. When you want maximum formality and understated elegance, choose this pocket square fold.

  1. Place the pocket square on a flat surface to begin. 
  2. Fold one of corners inwards to create two overlapping triangles. 
  3. Fold one of the triangle's sides in, repeat this on both sides.
  4. Finally, place the pocket square into the pocket of your suit.


The Puff Fold

Wrinkles and dimples are expected to be present in puff folds. It's alright if the fold stays in place and isn't excessively crumpled or flowing over the pocket's sides. Wear it when you want to exude a certain casualness.

  1. Place the pocket square face up on a flat surface to begin 
  2. Pinch the center and lift. 
  3. Pass the fabric through the opposite hand's thumb and first finger. 
  4. Raise the bottom of the fabric and place behind. Adjust to the size of the pocket on your jacket.


The Reverse Puff Fold

The Reverse Puff is a loose, vibrant collection of peaks that is perfect for individuals who are filled with exuberance. The loose construction offers a nonchalant organic flare that is distinctive to each wear.

  1. To begin, place the pocket square face up on a flat surface. 
  2. Pinch the center of your pocket square and lift it up.
  3. As you elevate it, run your other hand down the length of the fabric with two fingers. Stop three quarters of the way down.
  4. Turn it around and fold the bottom section up to the back and place inside your suit pocket.


The Stairs Fold 

The Three Stairs fold is the most sophisticated fold in our repertoire, and will ensure that people do a double take and then some! Featuring three, layered tiers, this sophisticated fold is best worn to formal events, such as a wedding reception. Due to the drape of this fold and the finished look, this fold is ideally worn with a silk pocket square, though it can be worn with a linen or cotton pocket square as well.

  1. Fold the pocket square in half diagonally from the top right to the bottom left, starting with the face down. The first step of the stairwell will be formed by this. 
  2. Pinch the fabric two inches below the first stair and fold up to create the second step, just below the first 
  3. Carefully fold in half diagonally while holding the steps in place, placing the top left portion behind the bottom right portion 
  4.  Fold the right side behind and to the left (be sure to keep your stairs in place) 
  5. Fold the left side behind and to the right 
  6. Fold the bottom up and behind the front. Adjust to the size of the pocket on your jacket.

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