Let’s Talk About: The Light Blue Summer Suit

Let’s Talk About: The Light Blue Summer Suit

With summer coming to an end, it’s time to take a look at the sartorial trends that have resurfaced this season. In particular, we want to talk about the summer suits and when we do, two colours come to mind: sand and light blue. Sand or ecru coloured suits are often cut from a Solaro fabric for its breathability; while the light blue is preferred in a linen and silk blend for that touch of luxury. In terms of construction, summer suits are often half or even unlined and they utilise minimal padding for a more relaxed silhouette.

The Solaro suit has been the subject of conversation in various menswear publication so we thought it would only be fair to talk about the light blue jacket. And no...we are not suggesting you walk around town in a 2-piece light blue suit all day. Rather, consider wearing the light blue jacket as tailored separates or as a “broken” suit. The light blue jacket is surprisingly versatile when one considers the trousers options. It can be paired with white chinos as easily as it can be with tailored navy trousers. Not to mention the more casual options of jeans and the ubiquitous sand coloured chinos.

The Santorini lifestyle calls for an equally elegant outfit

Lingering concerns with regard to the versatility of the light blue jacket before purchasing or commissioning one can be dispelled. On top of the fact that it goes well a great number of trousers options, one can also look to pair the jacket with shirt colours other than white. Needless to say, it’s perfect when worn with a white shirt (we recommend a white linen with a mandarin collar), but do also consider pairing the light blue jacket with light pink cotton or a dark blue linen shirt.

Other than whites, pink and navy are good options for added versatility

The beauty of a summer suit is accentuated when worn with an open collar, finished with a pocket square folded in a “puff” or “fleur” style. Yet there are times when a light blue jacket is worn for more “official” purposes. Whether worn as a groom, a groomsman or at the ascot races, a tie may become necessary. When donning a tie, we recommend a textured navy tie (preferably this season’s darling, the grenadine grossa tie). For the more adventurous, opt for a bold statement tie in the same colour palate for a complete summer look.

A textured tie, like this navy grenadine with blue stripes from english shoe makers Church's. would be perfect with a navy suit trousers

For an ascot-esque dress code, consider a block stripe tie in complementary tones

If we may be so bold to say that a summer look is not complete without a bracelet stack. Mixing beads and leather bracelets of the same diameter would only add to the summertime elegance, exemplified most by the Italians.

A light blue linen with silk blend jacket  with a bracelet stack from Tateossian 

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