Let’s Talk About: Venetian Murano Glass Cufflinks

Let’s Talk About: Venetian Murano Glass Cufflinks

Every once in a while, a novel material is used to create elegant cufflinks for the discerning. From sterling silver to precious stones, from ruthenium to titanium, cufflinks designers have always sought to innovate the jewellery that has been a menswear staple since the 18th century.

Robert Tateossian has always been the forerunner in cufflinks innovation, alongside other traditional British cufflinks designers. His signature includes the use of titanium, tourbillions and diamond shavings, all set in an extremely masculine and wearable fashion. Other fashion houses including Ermenegildo Zegna, Lanvin and not forgetting Paul Smith have also consistently employed interesting materials.

This season, however, it was A.Azthom’s which surprised us. Following from its successful Dual-Use Button Cover Cufflinks and Trio Gear Cufflinks, Azthom launched its Venetian Murano Glass Cufflinks. Murano glass is made on the Venetian island of Murano, where the craftsmen work in extremely uncomfortable heat to create the unique patina that is signature to Murano glass. It is admittedly a dying trade, where the art slowly lost through the generations.

Azthom's Murano Glass Cufflinks - Hand-made in Italy 

However, Azthom saw the chance to revive this traditional technique of glass making by having them in a myriad of colours and attaching them to rhodium-plated cufflink bases. The beautiful multi-coloured glass is perfect when worn against a classic white or light blue business shirt, giving the business ensemble a pop of colour. Handcrafted in Venice and assembled in Florence, this feels like wearing a piece of art on one's cuff.

The intricate patterns and vibrant colours - crafted by hand - gives a colour pop to the business ensemble

We spoke to the Azthom design team where they shared with us how to quickly identify Murano glass on small jewellery. As Murano glass is hand-blown, one must expect and appreciate the bubbles and asymmetrical qualities. Clouded glass or bleeding of colours is part of the beauty of Murano glass and is a testament to it being hand-made. 

Not even dim lighting can dull the beauty of the Murano glass

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