Top 5 Wedding Ties

Top 5 Wedding Ties

1. The Classic Look

Sometimes, dressing well does not mean to dress with bright, attractive colour. Of course, on your wedding day, it is in your best interest to dress nicely, without making your outfit be too “offensive” to some. Thus, the classic combination of a navy-blue suit with a maroon tie may be the most suitable. This outfit is suitable for day, night, indoor and outdoor weddings, and therefore it is a “swiss-army knife” outfit for weddings. It can never go wrong, but still allow you to look your best.

2. A balance of a confident yet safe outfit

Sometimes, going too safe may however result in your wedding guests wearing the same outfit to your wedding. Perhaps it is then to take some risks to look like you are the groom of the wedding. One way to do so is wearing a safe suit and shirt, but choose more brightly coloured ties. You must however work with complementary colours, or your outfit may look off.

3. Going Floral

Floral ties may scare most, but to pull one off is absolutely stunning. Allow your suit to be the canvas, and the floral tie to be the painting.

4. Playing with textures and patterns

When choosing outfits, you need not be restricted by only colour scheme. You can play with the textures and patterns of your suit and tie as well. Adding texture in the form of different materials can change your look, and add a touch of nuance that will separate you from good-looking to ravishing. Textures can range from grenadine ties to smooth silk ties, whilst patterns such as polka dots or checkers can be adjusted accordingly to your theme of the wedding.

5. Bowtie instead of a necktie

You do not necessarily have to wear a necktie to your own wedding. Bow Ties can be used too, however, it should be coordinated together with your groomsmen. A classic recommended look would be a black bowtie, with white shirt and black suit. A way to differentiate the groom and the groomsmen would be to have the groomsmen to wear a different bowtie tip (insert link here).


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