Let's Talk About: Dressing As The Best Man

Let's Talk About: Dressing As The Best Man

For those who are chosen as a best man, it is an affirmation of your friendship with the groom. For many, it is a privilege to be chosen amongst the lads. Naturally, the dreaded ‘Best Man Speech’ tends to be the focus. Writing is an art, much less the delivery. One needs to be funny, but not without tact. One needs to be sincere without sounding like you wish you were the bride.

But ultimately, you need to be your groom’s rock on his big day. To do so, you need to be confident. And a good place to start packing in the confidences is in your choice of clothes. You want a look that says you’ve made an effort, but not so much that you show up the groom.

So here’s our take on it:

The Suit

Opt for a black tuxedo with satin shawl lapels for the evening. Not to be confused with your charcoal or black suit, the tuxedo, or dinner jacket, is a staple in every man’s wardrobe. Trust us, as one gets older, the occasion to throw on a spiffy tuxedo increases.

A navy or grey suit would be perfect for the luncheon. Of course, some accessories in celebratory colors such as pink, champagne, or silver would be ideal. Don’t forget to throw in a pocket square!

The Tie

A bow tie with tuxedo studs (assuming you wear a tuxedo shirt) is preferred. However, if the groom dons a bow tie, you can also consider pairing your tuxedo with a silk satin tie instead. After all, your best mate should be the star of the show. If black is too somber, one can break from the strict black tie dress code by opting for silver or maroon accessories.

If you’re experimenting even slightly, with convention when it comes to your choice of day suit, you’ll want to keep everything else clean and classic. If one opts for an unconventional azure blue suit or simply a navy with subtle gingham checks, a crisp white shirt and a contrast-colored tie will bring the entire look together. Of course, if there is a particular color theme to the wedding, stick with it. The bride and her bridesmaid are people you are going to be seeing a lot more often; its wise not to start the relationship off on the wrong foot!

The Accessories

Never forget that it’s a big day. And there is no better way to dress for the occasion than by putting on a meaningful pair of cufflinks. MarzThomson has a series of auspicious character cufflinks symbolizing “Double Happiness” in Mandarin.

For those looking to inject some personality into the outfit can opt for a pair of A.Azthom initial cufflinks. Not to mention, they make great wedding gifts as well.

Monogram Etched Silver Cufflinks with Clip-On Button Covers

One last thing, don’t forget your watch. After all, on today of all days, time is truly of the essence. Enjoy.


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