Why Should Men Accessorise?

Why Should Men Accessorise?
Words by Nat | Photography by Cherry  |  Styling by Sean

What do most men think when they hear the word “accessory” – Earrings, necklaces, “bling” and a host of unnecessary stuff, right?

Wrong. It’s time to shed that belief faster than one can take off a jacket in Bangkok. While we know that dressing up is not really a primary concern amongst most men, we believe it is all a matter of perspective. Grooming, styling, dressing for the occasion are various ways that a man can approach this tentative area. And in this aspect, accessories are not something to overlook. Accessories can make or break an outfit.

Men’s accessories differ vastly from a woman’s. Yes, there are still rings and bracelets but there is so much more than just the “bling”. For example – ties, ascots and bowties. These are just the neck accessories. Then there are cufflinks, pocket squares, and tie clip. And these are just the basic ones to look out for. For the more expressive individuals, a bare wrist is strict no, and men’s bracelets has emerged as a norm.

Picture yourself in a room full of men wearing the same black suit and white shirt. Don’t kid yourself, unless you are Mr. David Beckham, you all look the same, and the room just lacks originality. What could possibly change things up? If you guessed “accessories”, you got it.

A white shirt? Easy – goes with any color of tie. A stripe shirt? How about a tie with evenly-spaced motif? A navy suit with a blue tie? Accentuate the theme with an elegant pair of blue cufflinks! We think it is not the time to blend in anymore. It is time to step out of your shell and show the world how you are someone to look at.

Stay tuned for ideas and tips for your daily sartorial needs. Be it for business or pleasure, we have got you covered.


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